Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Months Out

It's been five months this past week since my Daddy passed.  This week marked my first snow days without him on this Earth to talk about it with.  From the onset of and early talks of snow my dad and I always would touch base to discuss what we thought would happen.  Daddy would read me the seven day forecast and then the weather channel updates.  He gave me driving tips and always would call as the first snowflakes fell in Ecru.
As I watched and waited on the weather to move in, I missed him.  As I watched Jett have a big time in the snow this week, I know Daddy would have braved slick roads to watch him if he had been here.
And this morning as I thought back over how much my Daddy like to get out and play in the snow, I thought about what his grave must have looked like covered in snow.  I worried and wondered if I should have driven by just to check, just to see.
Five months and I still catch myself reliving our final days together, our final moments.  I don't think about it all the time, I don't cry every week, but I am still sad.

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Lauren said...

Love this, lady! Your daddy was having a great snow day with Jesus! Don't be sad.. He is watching over you each and every day!