Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day 2015 Day 2

Jett slept until 7:45 this morning, and if he takes an awesome nap today we may move to Wyoming just to get some good rest.  When he finally woke up he said he wanted to go down the big hill again.  After breakfast he was more interested in watching Thomas on the bed than getting his layers on and going in to the cold.  So about 9 o'clock he laid down in the floor made a pretend snow angel and wanted his layers on, to go outside.  
 Cullen's first task was to make a snow man.  It was super easy and he was ready to go for a walk.  

  We made it to the big hill today and almost had the whole thing to ourselves.  Today he took more than a couple of rides down the hill and then we sledded back around town.  He walked some and then we headed from our house to the hospital to see Sadie.  My mom had to work late yesterday and wound up spending the night at the hospital overnight so she could be at work early this morning.  

 After our courtyard photo shoot we kept on moving and Jett laid down in the sled.

 On the way we saw Webb Kennedy, one of my mom's high school classmates' grandson.  I took him for a little ride with Jett and then we were back on the journey to the hospital.

 And then we found Say Say, she fixed us some hot chocolate and and let us warm up our hands before we headed back to the house.  

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