Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day 2015

Now that I work year round I have mixed emotions about snow days.  While every person in public education wants a day off mid winter, we hate a make up day.  As soon as we go back to work, teachers will begin commiserating over the make up days that will come to us in May.  I will be working anyway, so it makes no difference to me.  Now when Ole Miss cancels classes these days I get giddy.  They can't have make up days, and that means the professors start rethinking the syllabus and usually deleting assignments.  
On Tuesday when I left school, the student teachers had begun to murmur about school the next day.  My favorite predictions to listen to are the parents.  One of my duties is to call names for car riders, which I love, and a parent came through saying we might get eight inches, I laughed and moved to the next car.  
About five o'clock I got the call from the superintendent we would not have school.  I was a bit skeptical, but kind of excited.  He was making the call from San Diego at a convention, so I then set about praying it was right.  
One thing I am learning on this side of the classroom, is no matter what we will take flack for our decisions.  If we have school and the weather is questionable, parents will call to tell us how uncaring and unsafe it will be, if we close and nothing could happen we get calls and complaints of parents who had to miss work for nothing.   
And as I put Jett down for a nap just before noon I made sure to pray a little harder that we would infact get some snow.  Once it started falling I couldn't wait to wake up Jett for him to see it.  
 I'm so thankful my cousin, Darla, posted a picture of her sleds last week because I made sure to secure the Pollards two sleds to keep on hand.  Jett wasn't sure at first about the white stuff.  I wound up not being able to find any kid gloves when I went in search, so we made do with some socks for his hands.

 Jett's favorite time was being pulled by his Daddy.  He would point to tell us which way to go.  He loved being pulled down Main Street.  We have a super huge hill behind the high school that the town goes to and we took Jett for the first time.
 Snowball was less than thrilled with the snow.
 Cullen and Jett headed down the hill and Jett was okay until they hit a snow drift that got right in his face.  He was over it.

 I made one run and then to keep the little one happy we headed back to Main Street to take in the sights.

 We made snow angels and headed inside to warm up.

 Earlier in the week I saw that our pastor had prepared by bringing his side by side complete with tubes to the church.  I texted him as the snow really began to fall and asked him to swing by the Pollards if he got out and played in the fresh snow.

 He texted me just about quitting time at the church and said he was about to be ready to take Jett for a spin.  We layered Jett back up and headed across the street.

 The boys were slung through the parking lots and with smiles they took a lot of snow to the face.

 We are so thankful for Brother Ken, who ministers to his flock in the sad times and the happy times.
We are ready for Snow Day number two, today.

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