Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pollards' Pop Culture

Sometimes I wonder if I add enough to my blog about what is going on in the world.  I wonder if when Jett Boy or Cullen and I as senile adults look back someday I will wish I had put more about what movies we watched or the tv shows I couldn't live without, or listed out my absolute favorite songs.  In a fit of worry and panic to prep future generations I felt the need to make note of these oh so important parts of our lives.

For Cullen's Birthday we went to see American Sniper. It was good, it made me want to wear red, white, and blue, sing patriotic songs, and I wanted Cullen to grow a beard.  I'm weird like that.  After watching Dear John with Channing Tatum a few years ago I wanted Cullen to clinch his jaw more, he rolled his eyes.

Our television is always on, in fact three people in the Pollard home and we keep four televisions on most of the time.  One for Thomas, one for sports, one for the Today Show or news shows, and the other one is usually on Gold Rush, Home Improvement Shows, or Chuggington.

Jett's favorite song is Royals.  It's true he has loved it for a long time, and it was my cousin who noticed he may or may not hum along.  It's the only song in the car he wants to hear "a'gin" but he also likes "All About that Bass."  Don't judge if it keeps me from handing my phone off to him so he can watch Thomas or Mickey on our commute then I'm game.

In the news for now ISIS is the terror group talk for the moment, Yemen was overthrown a few weeks ago, and I'm more than irritated with the Governor who basically said Mississippi Education was deplorable last week.  I will sum up my thoughts on the matter saying it is a major issue that we have private school products making public school decisions.  I don't get on political soap boxes, I don't have the time, but since I'm documenting for the purpose of history those are my thoughts today.

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