Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Break at the Beach

 My mom took us to the beach again this year for fall break.  She loves the beach but not so much the heat, October is the best time for her.  We headed to Gulf Shores after work on Thursday and made it to the condo, the grocery store, and bed before 11:00.
 We woke up Friday morning to play in the sand and enjoy the waves.

 And this time Jett was super excited to make volcanos over and over again.  We got a call during nap time that day that Cullen's parents' home was destroyed by a fire.  I knew he needed to go back to be with them, so we took him to Daphne to get a rental car and Mom and I stayed with Jett.  Our hearts were heavy for the Pollards and our family and friends kept us updated as they stopped by to check on them and love on them while we were out of town.

 We opted to not tell Jett that there had been a fire.  His little mind is always questioning how things happen and he would have worried about everything the rest of the trip.  Instead on the way home we told him DD and Papaw would stay at our house for a little bit and they could play until they moved into a rental.

 We went crab hunting but didn't find anything.  Jett was cold and wanted to go back in once he figured out we weren't good hunters.

 Our last morning on the beach was chilly. My mom thought I might freeze Jett to death and made sure he was bundled up.   He told me at my mom's prompting he might turn in to an ice cube.

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