Monday, October 31, 2016

Trunk of Treat

 So on the way home from Jett's school party I decide the Pollards need to participate in the church Trunk or Treat.  I had no idea what I could put together last minute but thought about all the tailgate stuff I had from football season.  Boom! The Grove a Slice of Heaven on Earth.  I threw on my mom's vintage Eagle's Eye Ole Miss sweater and got it together in under and hour.  
 Jett was a pirate.  He didn't like dressing up and really wanted to run wild in the open gym, but he was kept at bay and Cullen took him home after a little while.

 My cousin, Brad, came as Ron Burgundy from Anchor Man.  It was pretty spot on.  We Browns love to dress up.

And there it is, Halloween 2016 in the books.

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