Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jett and the Dentist

 Look at that head of hair.  I love love love these curls.  This was him mesmerized at the dentist office.  
 So our name got called and we headed back.  He didn't like the chair and they couldn't get the tv to work in his room. They stalled for time which made my boy anxious.  He was not a happy camper.  They tried to brush his teeth, they tried to count them, but the went for backups and brought in Dr. Ross.  She was FABULOUS.  He loved her.  He let her count the teeth, he let her hug him.  He didn't let her brush his teeth, but he did warm up to her.  No Cavities!!  When we got in the car I asked Jett if he was good or could have been better.  He said I was okay.  I will do better on Saturday.  
This kid is gonna make me lose my mind.  Truth be told he could have been a LOT worse.  He was pumped about his three prizes.
Sadie took him to celebrate with dinner at Kirks.

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