Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Day at the Fair

 Count this as two weekends in a row my brother has talked me in to braving the heat for the kids.  Labor Day I spent the better part of my day enjoying the fair.  Which really means I stood in line so Ellie could meet some Disney star. 
 We first stopped in at a small petting zoo where I questioned a snapping turtle's right to be there, but I urged Jett to stay far away and it was on to the line.  Ellie, was less that happy once she found out to see the star she had to miss out on the fun.  So her daddy took her around to see the fun while I stood and held her place in line with both boys.  
 Just about the time they were returning to the line her best friend showed up, line jumped into my place and Jett and I jumped over to get some lunch.  

 Ellie and her friend enjoyed the ponies and the elephant ride.  Jett and I enjoyed another petting zoo and some shade and we ended our fun filled day with a ride on the ferris wheel with Brett and Ellie.

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