Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Vote

The main topic on everyone's mind in Mayberry a.k.a Pontotoc for the moment has been the vote.  Mid month Pontotocians residing in the city limits were able to vote for or against the sale of alcohol and beer in the city limits.  Our little town has remained dry for decades.  As the only voting member of our household I decided to do my civic duty and vote first thing.  As I walked up to the Community House, this sign was posted.  I was enraged.  I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  I knew the entire time I would vote against Pontotoc becoming wet, but this ridiculous sign made me second guess my choice.  As I walked right past the huge sign I walked over to the quiet tent, the tent filled with less obtrusive people, those voting for alcohol in Pontotoc.  
The sign said God is Watching what Happens Here.  I think it was a scare tactic, but newsflash....God is omniscient and omnipresent he knows what you are doing all the time.  It flew all over me.  Yes, the Lord I serve is a Just God, but He is loving.  I am convinced that many who would have come to vote against it, voted for, on principle.  And that night when I came in from class the crowd was leaving the courthouse and the vote was separated by just around 50 votes, Pontotoc is now a wet city.

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