Sunday, September 14, 2014

Family Reunion

 Cullen's grandmother hosted her siblings this weekend for a fish fry.  There are five of them now but one was unable to make the trip.  I had never met them before so we hurried around the house early in the morning planning and preparing for a long day in Oxford.  I woke up about 4:30 and got started getting things together.  Jett is an early riser so yesterday was no different.  He was up watching Thomas and playing with his trains while I got the Grove equipment together, got us both ready and even worked in a breakfast for us.  Cullen was in Game Day mode, which he swears doesn't exist, so entertained Jett and gave me half hour time updates.
 We got to Taylor by 9 and spent about 2 hours meeting and greeting the siblings.  They were a fun bunch.  Having just grown up with one sibling in my house, it seemed like it would have been fun with a bunch.  
 Jett was so tired but he was not about to give up a time with people to sleep.  I may or may not have paid for that later in the day.
 Here the siblings are, together again.  I know I was told their ages a hand full of times but I didn't pay that much attention.  I'm thinking from the left it was 80, 78, 76, and I'm not sure about the youngest...I'd have to say early 70s.  
Cullen, Jett, and I headed to tailgate just about 11:00 and as we were pulling out of the drive way his sister was pulling in to drop off her baby girl with his parents so they could enjoy the game with her.  After we left the siblings enjoyed a family fish fry and I'm sure lots of laughs.  

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