Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ole Miss vs. Louisiana Lafayette

Jett's first Grove of the year had me worried, planning, thinking, and struggling.  Last year for the first game I made sure to have back up.  I had friends in tow to help and family as well.  It was work but it was easy, and my baby boy wasn't very mobile.  I knew this season would be different.  We got to the Grove about 11:15 to find the Pontotoc Rebels had yet to get there.  We tailgated alone only for about 15 minutes before we were able to help friends begin to bedeck the tables and get the party started.  Jett was in prime form during his normal nap time.  He had to sit in the chairs by himself, he had to watch Thomas on demand, and he pretty much was mesmerized by the big kids throwing a football behind us.  
 Apparently Jett understands the importance of hydration because he loved his new sippy cup so much he wouldn't put it down...that is until he put it down when we were leaving and in four inch heels I refused to turn around and get it.  I have my fingers crossed a Pontotoc Rebel brought it home with them.  

 He was so fussy during his nap time he would not even love on his bestie friend, Hannah.
 This picture was in between crying babies, wiping sweat, and stopping just long enough to say how much we missed each other, loved each other's outfits, and needed to spend more time together.  Then it was a quick photo before we picked up babies, made sure they weren't dirty and raced around after them.  
 Lily James was hamming it up for the camera.  She was in the best mood ever and just smiled at everyone.  
 This is the best pic we could get of all four of us.  You can tell by the strained smile on our faces that we were thinking Hurry up take the pic...does my arm look fat?...Are the kids smiling? ... Is my face shiny?  Is she gonna take a one with my phone?  Is this my good side?  What time is it?  And the many other ideas that run through your mind.
 Cullen had given me strict orders to be at the gate at game time.  So once the photo was made I packed up the Grove Cart and headed to the car.  He had strategized that it would be best if I took the cart back to the car, loaded it up, and then got Jett's stroller to take him to the game.  When we dropped off I knew he dropped me off and unloaded before parking in the lower parking lot near the baseball field.  It wasn't until I walked back to the car with a cart full of a cooler, a purse, a bag, a blanket, and dishes, that I realized Cullen hadn't just parked in the lower parking lot, it was past that around to the back of the baseball field.  In the four inch heels with a toddler on my hip and a cart gaining momentum and speed going down the hill, I may or may not have questioned my loyalty to Ole Miss, my husband, and my squirming child.  Just past the middle of no where I caught myself silently cursing the slip that was riding down, the shoes that were pinching my toes, and the idiot who assigned a parking pass on highway six almost.  Once at the car I sighed a long sigh of relief, let Jett play in the rocks and made quick work of the wagon/stroller exchange.  Then it was time to hike back up the hill, head across Taylor into a parking lot, down a flight of stairs and around the stadium to meet Cullen with a stroller, purse, and diaper bag in tow.  
 But in the blink of an eye, we were inside in the perfect seats with food, drinks, and company to keep Jett Boy entertained.  With his trains in hand and the excitement of the crowd Jett found sheer happiness.  
 Then, these pretty Rebelettes came around and he was taken with them.  He let them hold him and was  trying to play it cool as they snuggled and cuddled him.  I think he won them over when he perfectly performed his two Ole Miss tricks.  I ask him where Ole Miss was and he pats his chest, right over his heart,  as if to say "in my heart."  It'll make a Ole Miss loving Mama swoon and these girls were no different.  Next he threw a "fins up" hand to his face and they oohed and ahhed even more.  
 And this is his friend Frankie, she lives outside Atlanta, but for 15 minutes they entertained one another and her mom and I loved every minute of not being on the run.  
 And as you can see Jett feels completely at home with his Daddy's credentials around his neck, he was ready to take the field and the South Club by storm.  He made it to third quarter before giving it up.  Bless us all!  We didn't make it off campus before he was out and he slept until 4:45 this morning.  I could write a thousands posts about tailgating with a toddler and the struggles, but honestly I know we are super blessed to be able to enjoy football season like we do and with our friends and family.  

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