Friday, September 12, 2014

Celebrating Sadie

 Thursday, my mom turned 63.  We celebrated by eating at Boure in Oxford and then meeting family for dessert in Pontotoc.   

 Jett is less than amused at eating out.  He wants to be in the floor playing with trains and tracks.  Cullen is really good at keeping him entertained by letting him play with his phone, making up games to play, and just keeping him occupied.  

 Since my mom has been on Whole 30, I had to get creative with her cake.  She doesn't eat sugar, gluten, or processed food.  I made her a fruit cake.  

Fourty-seven pounds later she is keeping her goals in mind.  She did say she enjoyed a small piece of cake at work, but was right back on the diet by dinner time.  Jett Boy was so teased at the singing of Happy Birthday, but he was ready for watermelon soon after the anthem.

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