Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Sunday

 I realize that I give the illusion of being a planner.  I can make my blog readers think I have it all together, but I can be real with you...I am a procrastinator to the highest degree.  The Easter outfit you see on my sweet boy, was ironed about two minutes prior to putting it on him and I met with the Lord while at my ironing board and prayed it would fit him.  I had to rely on prayer because in the month leading up to Easter I just never found time to try it on him to make sure.  I'm thankful for a Lord that hears my urgent prayers and answers in a big way.  It fit and Jett didn't fuss.  I will one day write a post about the lies we tell our children, but as a spoiler, those shoes on Jett's feet- yep, they are 'egg-hunting' shoes.  I realize that his is two and still wearing white walkers.  Next year he will be three and if they make them in his size he will be wearing them.  
 My in-laws surprised us at church and joined us for Easter Sunday church, and then came over to my cousin's house for lunch.  Jett loves my their house because it has a really long hall way he runs up and down and his favorite is his grandmother chasing him.  Let's be really honest, running inside kept him from getting his white outfit dirty outside, I was happy to let him run.

 Cullen and I did make one family photo but it was on my phone and not uploaded yet, but here he is answering work emails before lunch.  
 My aunt and uncle.  
 My uncle, I'm his favorite!  One day I just know he will announce this day.

 Jett was not one to sit still for Easter so his outfit is just a blur in most pics.  Cullen was great to not roll his eyes or make a fuss over it.  I just can't put him in big boy clothes yet, he is a baby.  

 Love this sweet picture of my mom with me and Jett.  
This Easter was wonderful.  I enjoyed the music at our church and the fellowship with our Sunday School class.  This time of year gets crazy with work and weekend obligations so it is hard for us to all be together, but when we are it is special.  Easter marked the first Sunday Jett has made a piece of art to bring home from church.  It was a sweet cross on a hill.  He was proud of it, now to find a place to start filing those little gems away.  

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