Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Celebration of Service

This sweet friend, Brian Buckhalter, nominated me on the sly for the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Service.  It was a surprise to be chosen as a finalist.  I along with one other student, Sarah Ball, were finalist and the student award was given to D.T. Shackleford.  
 My mom was unable to make it to the event, and my dear friend, Tiffany, came as a stand in.  I cried when they read his nomination.  I was floored that anyone would see such things in me.

 The chancellor was on hand to receive an award and also present them.

It was a great day and an honor to be part of the ceremony.  
A great surprise was to have two of my favorite professors in the crowd.  Dr. Moore and Dr. Mac came to see me get recognized. I love these two ladies and truly their model for service to others has been one of my greatest influences.  

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