Saturday, April 11, 2015

Jett Boy Update

I could give a hundred excuses right now as to why my blog readers haven't gotten a real Jett Boy update in a long while, but does anyone really care? Nah, readers just want the info-
Jett is talking more and more and sometimes just to himself.
His latest is he adds the word anymore to most things he doesn't want to do. For example:
I not take baths...anymore
I don't go to church...anymore
I not go to Mimi's house...anymore
While he talks more and more he also grunts or whines sometimes and we stop to make him use his words.
Potty training has been a breeze. We started spring break and a month later maybe has an accident a week. He still doesn't like a big potty and sits down each time to use the potty, but he is not in diapers! We put him in a pull up at night but he wakes up dry!

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