Thursday, April 30, 2015

Viva Las Vegas

By a random stroke of luck my district sent me to Las Vegas.  I've joked for years I would love to go, and this year it finally happened.  We had extra money that needed to be spent on administrative travel, and I set about to spend it.  We stayed at Caesar's Palace.

We enjoyed some pretty great restaurants.  We at at Jasmine inside the Bellagio and watched the fountains.  We ate at Lavo in the Venetian and saw the boats.  We at Sushi in Caesar's Palace and hit up the Starbucks every chance we got.
My friend's mom told me to take half as many clothes as I thought and twice as much money and she was so right.  It was crazy expensive and I'm thankful I was there for work, I was tempted to buy outlandish purchases.

 The scale of everything is what blew me away and the attention to detail.  I loved staying at Caesar's.  It was massive and I'm sure there was so much more I didn't even get to see.  My intern from last year, now my colleague was my travel partner.  It worked well we were both early in to our administrative careers so we could attend Leadership Now.

 A highlight of the meeting was actually getting to meet the Dufours.  They were super kind.

 Yes we managed to hit the pool in the afternoons and that might be pinnacle of the fun that was to be had.  We were in bed each night by 10.

 We did happen upon Mariah Carey one night as she made her entrance in to the Palace.  It was unexpected but super exciting.

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