Monday, April 13, 2015

Ellie's Birthday

 This sweet girl turned six this week.  We couldn't make it to her party because I had class on Saturday but we headed to Jackson as soon as possible.  Jett was a super traveler.  Potty training didn't slow him down one bit.  He used the big potties the whole weekend and we are potty chair free now!!!  Ellie got an iPod touch and texted us this week to tell us she wanted Shopkins for her birthday and we delivered for her.  
 One of the perks of their new home is this great playground and fantastic pool.  Jett and Henry had so much fun together.  They jumped, climbed, ran, played, and threw rocks.  They were so sweet to each other.  Elllie was the little mama to them both.  She held their hands and walked around with them when we went shopping.  She is such a big girl.

 These boys loved throwing rocks in the creek.  I mean they would have done this for hours if we would have stayed that long.   Once both boys had pottied in the woods for the first time, we called it a day and went back home.
How sweet is this picture of the boys.  Yes, Jett has on his PJ's.  I packed really quickly and Target was not centrally located to my trip.  But let's focus on the sweetness of these faces, this hug.  

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